It has been a while since I posted about the mango tree.  Now that I look, it has been stuck in draft.

So here be some photos of it as of today.DSC00003DSC00004


Mangos have a short and violent life in this house. As soon as they are ripe enough, sometimes not even ripe, they are decimated and ravenously devoured.

So I decided to plant 3 pits into a large planter after Christmas.

Photos to be added later.

head spinning

fingers shaking

barely breathing

hoping that the email will yield something new

new and exciting

something unexpected and necessary.

that is the title of a deer old friend’s grade 13 english essay.  yes i spelled deer that way on purpose.  she was quite a handful and to this day do not really feel bad about kicking her ass in english.  being that her dad had a phd in literature she was pressured beyond belief to be the best.

me being better was hard for her to choke down.  so it is with that in mind that i have no clear and concise topic to blog about.  “pick me, pick me” rings true right now.  i could write about the dog we sampled this week, or the knives on my shelf waiting for approval to ship, or my son’s crazy sleep pattern, …

instead i think i shall blog about friends who have gone a different way.  incommunicado, almost off the grid.

well, as i raise my beer to toast those that have gone a different way i shall enjoy this fine chile con carne.  freshly made with ground pork, tomatoes and celery from the garden, ripe red peppers, mushrooms and some hot chiles.  here is to you and here from you soon.


Compromise and sharing and well … shit.

I hate car camping. Someone else loves it and there comes the compromise. For me to camp near my vehicle and too damn close to others means that said someone will be buying a lot of beer. Yes, it did happen.

After hours of pouring rain and hydroplaning we comes upon the fine town of Jasper. With the clouds at an awesome height of 100 feet no mountains are to be seen, not even the tree tops. Appreciation is waiting it’s turn and soon all will be in it.

Nothing like winter to cause problems. Someone takes out a power pole with a transformer on it. When the power comes back on, the water heater is fried, the furnace is fried, and several light bulbs. Expect no help from SaskPower, I was told by them.

Problem now is that we have limited heat and the temperature drops at night in here. Contacting several heating and plumbing places, I am told to keep harassing Saskpower to get them to either help or pay for the repairs. To get them out here it is about 300$ or more for a service call plus parts and labour.

Well, 25$ part and 45 minutes of my time later, ta da! We have heat again.

When I make a knife or art piece just for the sake of making it out of something new or use a new fabrication technique, it is for me that I go through the process. It is for someone else that the blade or art is to go to. It is tradition to give away the first object of something new to someone else, and selling it is ok too as long as one does not rake them over the coals.

In this case I forged some M2 tool steel into a Scandanavian blade. The forging was fun, careful work and still fun.  I love to use M2 for stock removal items and some welded items too.  It likes to rust and still hold a great cutting edge.  I have been sitting in this Mora style blade for a year or so and it never in my heart found a worthy home.

Once the spark went off in my head the rest was easy.  For the handle I used some old red oak that was stabilized for flooring and some Labrador caribou antler.  Then I died the wood and antler a nice dark cherry red that has taken on a gorgeous dark patina.  The blade had been gun blued a year ago and not a speck or rust showed.   The husband of the future owner does leather work and I will leave that to him.  And still something was lacking.  It has been about a month since it was ready to ship and it was only waiting on some other items, not to be detailed here, to be ready to accompany it on the road home.

At 0400 this morn I had a moment of inspiration, of clarity.  A great friend of many years once sent me a whale bone from the spine for me to do as I please.  Now I please to use it for a stand for the blade mentioned above.  With some mild carving and a little polishing it will be added to the mail bag.

I am off to work some calcium, more to follow.