September 2010

Let me take you back 10 years to a nice warm fall day, no snow on the ground yet.  You ever wake up and know what you are going to do today, even if it goes against your previous and pressing plans?  It is time to head to the mountains to hike and see if I can harvest a deer.  Sometimes one just needs to break free and solo it.

West of Caglary is a road named the trunk road #940,  or highway #40.  To call this a highway is a joke, some of the pot holes are the size of buses.  About 35 miles north of highway 1A, a few miles past the end of the pavement, is a nice place to park and start the hike. If you saw me leaving my car, I was heading NW up a game trail towards the crest.  N.B. before first light there are almost always 1 to 2 dozen deer in a field but 80 yards from where I park.  Poof, they are gone before first light.

The air here is so clean and cool it rejuvenates the soul, but not for as long as I would have liked — you will see.  The solo in nature was what this fine day was all about.

Now, Alberta had some unsafe hunting laws back then,  (more…)


This is a simple and blunt story to write about survival.  All critters whether legless, 2 legged, 4 or more legs have a comfort spot.  Often that spot is dangerous to them and those around them.  In this case it was not really a dark alley, but a very dark multi landing steep ass staircase.

With only 2 steps down to the first landing, one might think this to be an easy to navigate this little jaunt and then turn the 90 degree corner before continuing south.  The next set of stairs is comprised of 11 very steep treads with railings on both sides.  A pony wall blocks any light coming from the kids night light leaving the first landing extremely dark.

Dakota is a great dog in some respects he learns quite quickly, (more…)

What a fine evening, so it started.  Rob has great taste in his liquour, Bombay Sapphire Gin.  The bar was Moxies on 17th Ave SW, Calgary, the bottle was just freshly opened for us and us alone.  With staff waiting on us hand and foot so to speak, she was a right fine time.  A lime wedge on the bottom, ice jammed down on top crushing the lime and then a double shot of Bombay, On a side note, they did have a great hiring policy!

Cue the music, a fine time was indeed had, then we left.  This journey would normally only take about 10 minutes, alas fate had another plan that we could not predict.  As things unfolded, so did Rob’s temper.  Rob was 10 years in the military, a cracker jack shot and a wee moody when pushed. Kind of what you want in grunt.

While minding our own, a car speeds through a Wendy’s (more…)

heavy frost

my back is lost

kids not helping

neighbour is whelping

time to go

let us make it so

’tis the 60th time that I can account for that I am still here.

Should not be, but take it as it comes.  Somewhat hard to focus as the dog farts down stairs permeate up into the choir loft that I currently sit in.  That being said, I fear that my creativity is stifled somewhat.  “do the best you can son” rings in my ears.  I am sure that i am part seal, as my nostrils have clamped shut; but to no use.  There are some dog farts you can taste from 30 yards.

Oh yes, #60 needs some explanation does it not?  How this all started (more…)

brings me back to my old days of c++, vax vms, unix, snif snif.

thanks diana!