October 2010

Most notably Warkworth Institution is a hands off, no touch prison.

Understand this, any inmate/convict that so much as touches another will be shipped to Millhaven Institution general population awaiting reclassification. Not fun for any or all, Millhaven is a SuperMax prison–worst of the worst and the most dangerous.  Most of the people in here, Warkworth, are at high risk of retaliation from convicts in the other prisons.   To be sent here you are a lawyer, judge, police officer, or have done some heinous crime that drastically reduces your life expectancy elsewhere.

And now comes the pain.  Wrong place and wrong time, times ten.  Know your surroundings and keep a watchful eye.  Words that I have lived and survived on and continue to.  Only on pure fight or flight instinct did I remember my escape route.  The subject of this a certain convict I had interactions with.  A very big and somewhat aggressive convict, once a professional football player, now gone astray. (more…)


I love dark sentiments, and those that understand and appreciate them.

This one is about me and mine, things that catch you up hard and fast.
as I iterated yesterday some ugliness was needed.

Today, I took  a great pleasure in the glow of my apprehensive daughter when she showed me her glasses truly for the first time.   A very stunning moment, it said to me she is still looking for my approval, and those around her her, extremely more important was her happiness to tell me all the things she could see clearly now; my shirt was the first, then the levy broke and the happy child sprang forth.
With tears in my eyes, I could only give her a high five, a brief hug, and then a good hug.
To have one of your own accept something, something that has been bothering them, to the acceptance point that they can now make games of it, that is quite incredible.



Now, to call myself a man is up to interpretation by you. As I heard the yowling, growling, and mewling of ‘yotes I knew something was seriously amiss. As my 4 kids are here and only 2 seemly knowledgeable, I bluntly instruct my lady to keep the door closed and protect the kids; do not, do not let the dog out. 2 reasons, one is a breech, other is a future compromise such as rabies.
Walking around town with knowledge and understanding of potential, I used my spooring training and got things done. Not a happy camper, the reason why is that the dog being attacked has a violent history.

Said dog I do believe was nipped whilst the 3 coyotes circled it.
I pray to you, do not leave your dog out on a leash without some sentient abilities such as hearing and other cognitive and useful stuff. As my grammer has gone to shit it is because I despise any abuse even it is unknown to you because it has never been pushed onto your face as it should be.

Again, 4 kids, again rabies, again not happy, and finally shit got done.

Good day all,


It is wrong to hold those people that effect your life to a higher standard?
By “those”, I mean those that are in your daily life, those that make the laws that effect your life, those that hire the ones that make the laws, politicians, etc.

Chance encounters that offend ones personal morals and ethics might be included to the degree of the offence and the extent to which laws are broken or stretched.  Of course, those ones that we will never meet or are effected by,  I hold to a lesser standard.

Moral and Ethical Standards: (more…)

Thanks to those that get the title, I love and respect people with cognitive abilities.  Further explanation to follow, trust unto me.

And, now onto business that matters to me and to mine. It has been a tough week, a very rough week, and there is no easy tweak to get us all out of this funk. Said funk was brought upon me and us in a plethora of ways. Not my fault, in fact not necessarily the fault of any parenting structure here in my domicile.

Still life moves forward, always onward.

To come home and have a brat lose her cool is ok and sometimes understandable, kids are kids.  To be human is to be human, to err also is human… (more…)

I, and other warriors of life and love, have some standard rules and laws. To govern thyself is proof of those structures and disciplines, and those around you do not effect you in the negative.   Unless you want to be levelled to an inferior scale in life, then shut up, take a deep breath, and learn from the now that is in your face.

Should you be brought down by them, theirs, and those that compromise your ethics and your mettle, you have a scapegoat and should point it at yourself first and then at others that have put you into that horrifying position.

Live, learn, and then teach.

How can anyone stand up in the morning and say: “Hey, I like myself” into the mirror when they cannot show the mettle of real life to those around them?  May chance, a transition to the cognitive side of society? (more…)

When we tell our kids that the police are our or your friends, is it a truth? Are the police your kids friends? They are that, I am sure.

Who are the police truly out there to serve and protect?

And to whom do the police services really report to  (as they are all contract workers…)?

What accountability is there to the average citizen, and how can they prove it, and even know how to capitalize on such knowledge?

From the Criminal Code of Canada:
Every schoolteacher, parent or person
standing in the place of a parent is justified in
using force by way of correction toward a pupil
or child, as the case may be, who is under his
care, if the force does not exceed what is reasonable
under the circumstances.”

This is a blog that will be on going and will be added to as time goes by. Please feel free to comment.

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