November 2010

It is with tears in my eyes and my heart palpitating that I write this blog. November 11th is a very important day for me and it was cheapened.  Cheapened by the senseless acts of those that care not.

Having taken my Godfathers medals from the safe on this historic day, I look over them with the care and respect they deserve.  Some of this respect I try to ingrain in those under my roof, and happily with some results to the positive this year.  So many medals, so much he would not and now can never tell me about.  He was proud to do his duty and when that duty ended it was not to be discussed.

Boxing up the medals with care, I prepare myself for a meeting that I was called to.  The meeting was about some problems here in town that I do not want to see swept under the carpet.  Problems which will not be blogged about until after the police finish their investigations.  My mood was not happy to begin with and still I have my ritual of visiting the cenotaph.

Part of the meeting was about  some vandalism and desecration of the cenotaph.  I worked hard this summer pruning and cleaning so now I feel disgusted and disrespected.  My respect will still be paid out to all that served so honourably.  It is for my uncles that served during WWII that I became an active member of the Royal Canadian Legion, it is for the rest of the men and women who serve or have served that I continue to.

With some dread and anxiousness, I treaded through the snow towards who knew what.  Some disarray could be seen from a distance, and more importantly some thought and care was clearly taken for this special day.  The wreaths and crosses of remembrance for the fallen from this small community were almost perfectly hung in the tribute that it should be.  Those that needed a wee straightening were so fixed by me.  Remember, I have no knowledge of these men and women from this community that fought and  died for us.

To those that put in the effort into preparing for this day, my respect and gratitude.  To those others that thought so little of the lights that shine on the memorial to just trample them down into the snow, ignored and forgotten, I have a request.  Please, just stand back and look at the monument.  Fix the little things and others will follow your lead.




hiway 68

“crazy, breasted, blonde haired woman, with wild smile, and man eating eyes” said she could not be scared in a vehicle.  so off we went for a joy ride down one of my favourite roads.  this gravel road leads to the fire road that turns south up the mountain, ah, that tis another fine road that leads to the gun range.  back to 68, winding ups and downs with cliff reaching for the sky on the north side and on the south a drop off with nothing but rock and sometimes muskeg, made for very fun driving if driven a wee bit above the speed limit.  fishtailing is common place, riding the wheel ruts others, sometimes facing the mountain and sometimes facing the drop-off in the blink of an eye.

at one point it was more mountain than road as we headed into the left curve riding the ruts when the back end had walked away on me.  with a slight correction (more…)

here i sit ready and dripping with mental energy to throw forth, the wit i have within me is there ta share with any and all.

damn password seems to expire whenever i need it, so here you just get a taste of the fun i had in mind.

so here i vent, not out of malice, just for fun.  as per the password, read the rules, tis the rule.  then make your own rules.

hence forth me blogs shall be from a length of literary delights of epic proportion to shitass short. (more…)