Much is to be learned from the online world, insurmountable volumes that could not be combed through and climbed over with legions of literate and willing warriors.  From this plethora of knowledge be it humour, satire, historical information, recipes, slide shows, videos, etc disappointment was found with every download one fine day, sad but true.   Amazing how things ball up and wait for the conscious mind to catch up with that smarter inner brain.  And one day my inner brain said enough wasting time trying to extract tiny particles of useful knowledge from the internet if so much time has to be wasted winnowing the chaff from the wheat, the catalyst:  Youtube.

Youtube is a wondrous spreader of information and a platform that allows media of all sorts to be widely accessible.  The flip side is that it is an enabler of narcissistic wind bags, megalomaniacs, morons, shylocks, con artists, and of course some true gurus to spread their word over the internet.  Streaming it into your home, car, tent, or office 24 hours a day.   How many videos have I and my friends downloaded just to find some mouth breather with a nose, a rectum, and an opinion conveying no useful knowledge, relaying no actual experiences, and displaying no practical skills? (more…)