Here is intended to be a collection of words that peak my interest, if only briefly. Feel free to post your own in the comments.

Agenda:  this one pisses me off, like a fly on the toilet seat.  A list of things that need to be addressed or are going to happen.  Our school system is fucked.  When my kids come home from school and show me their “agendas”, it is always about what happened and never what is coming up.  This behavior makes it a journal, and the fact that the front of the agenda says “Journal” proves my point.  George Carlin might even want to climb up out of his grave and rant on you for 2 hours for being so fucking stupid, you pedantic self serving pseudo diplomats.   Any more questions then see Journal.

Penultimate:   second to last, not the runner up!

Congrads:  often fuckers seem to confuse it with Congrats.  Since it is graduation time here in the prairies, Congrads as in they conned their way to graduation seems to fit sometimes.

Hoodrat: an oldy, mis-used, and misunderstood word.  “a person who partakes in scandalous activities to get attention.”

Pique:  Diana that is a fine example, here is why:  Pique is a news paper in the marijauna capital of Canada.  By definition it is to affect with irritation and resentment…might be appropriate.  Now to pique ones interest is not a good thing.

Aweful or Awful:  where to start?  Aweful = amazing, not bad horrifyingly evil … so fucking wake up and use it correctly.  “to be held in awe and wonder”

Terrible:  terrific, terrifying, terror, sounds bad to me so fucking wake up and look at aweful.

Semi:  half

Demi:  half

Hemi:  half

Demi-Hemi-Semi:  inverse fraction multipliers thingies apply.

Longpork:  not pork at all, but 2 legged.

Scheide:  a split, a slice, a cleft,  or my fav a vagina.

Rememberable:  this one is a favourite of Raylene’s, enough said.

Retarded:  “you are retarded”  means many things, not socially acceptable  “my headache is retarding my thought process”  socially acceptable

Journal:  see agenda you stupid fuck.

“the timing on that engine is retarded” soc accept