August 2011

Ron White: “you can’t fix stupid”
Cyber: “fuck stupid, stop them from breeding”


Are they evil, really?  No, you are evil and stupid for your lack of integrity.  Know your enemy, should you be so shallow as to take on a breed of dog to have it disbanded and ridiculed in public, then the start learning.  Banning a breed is useless and a waste of time.  By targeting a breed you show how shallow and stupid your personal political aims are.

I am an alpha male and have been bitten many times…Shepeard, Dobers, Rotties, and the ever the elusive Jack.  Of all the bites I have endured all were dogs being their owners friends, in their own way.  Some of the these little agressers were just plain little shits (a very specific toy poodle comes to mind).  I have been bitten and held onto by some of Canada’s best working dogs, they are doing their job.  When there are not broken bones and the lacerations are not life threatening, that dog was being nice.

Do you think these pitbulls are crazy aggressive?  Should you think so, I and many others have encroached on something they are protecting, that is why shit happened, that is how simple the real problem is.  Now somewhere in the mixed up life I have lead, never has a pittie chomp me.  So here is what I have to say, shut up and learn.

I used to fear them, and having seen first hand all live and bloody their raw and awesome power I still fear them and respect them more.  Respect them not fear them, fear some of the owners as there are too many that use the stigma to their advantage.

I went into my back alley today 3 times and my friend’s pitts did not leave their domain.  No leashes, no electric collars, just plain good parenting.  Now, it is 0100 here and I went for a walk to pick up some craft supplies for my kids and low and behold those damnable pitties barked at me.  They made eye contact, took a very threatening stance, loud barking with the posture told me enough.  At no point in time did they leave their owners property to chase me down and meet their end.

These dogs have potential, lots of painful potential…also great working dogs and holy fuck can they work.  All dogs, cats, ferrets, parrots have it.  Work em hard, they like it and it makes them better friends.

Do not approach a dog, even if you know it, without permission. That little critter might just be asking if it is okay that you touch them.  Sometimes getting what you deserve in life is why you deserve it.

Pitbulls are not the real problem, we are.




I am trying to put the positive forward, not easy for me when sometimes the negative is faster and easier.
Let us start this right, I absolutely and irrevocably love my kids. And I just took a great drive down back roads.  I wish they were with me as this is something we have done a lot of.

A lot of birds on the road waiting for their prey,most were owls and the rest I have no clue about. Sitting, waiting, not panicking, anticipating a next meal. You have to if not love them then respect them.  Birds of night have a significant function.

So the real reason for this diatribe is that I felt like I was in a S.K. novel, right there, in main, trees on either side of the road, the road getting more and more congested with weeds, driving away from the sun as the frontal horizon gets darker and even more ominous.  The longer I drove the smaller the road got, the grasses got taller and bigger, the plantain seemed to taker over part of the horizon.

To me at the time it was just another back country road that took on a subtle nuance of something looming ahead.  I was wrong, as that road played out and told a boring story.  That was the first of 3 Road Closed signs.  The 2nd was much the same, do not go here as it may hurt and it was bumpy.

The 3rd did hurt a lot, and if I did not paint a good scene earlier then I will now.  If you ask why I was out and about at 0100,  it is coming up on deer season.  I like deer meat and so do my kids.  Anyways, the road got narrow and narrower and congested, and fucking rough.  Like a Stephan King novel you could not see over the grasses on the sides of the road, it was rutty and muddy, still passable, and very remarkable.  The next hill was not overtaken, too wet.  I have never personally seen a prairie hill were the spring comes out near the top and is dead before the bottom of the valley.  Guess I should be glad I caught it in time.  I have to thank Randy for his explanation of the spring near his house and how it can fill his well and not necessarily hit basement.

Another day in paridise.




I am not he smartest, strongest, prettiest, happiest, nicest, or just plain a good guy some days. This blog is for you. Do not come at me again, you want to pull out steel then you best make it count and since you did not make it matter I think we all know what you will not try again. You got your freebie, even with a broken paw I will not hesitate again.  Do not threaten my family with your actions, you want to threaten me that is a different story.

I have a side that is so not fun, not quite as mean as say Brett or Mark, and much quicker than Diana, Randy or Greg.  Pull out a toy then best to use it, your integrity goes for a shit in under a second when I walk away unscathed and you are humiliated.  Now that I have put this up on the “interweb” it should out last you, and keep reminding you.  What ever frustrations are tearing you down you have to find a better way to live through the day.

I shall conclude with a very bad translation from Musashi and yet still something to take to heart, “keep your chin nuetral, your eyes straight — not up and not down, just be honest inside and those around you will be to”

So again, do not pull metal out on me unless you get me when I am sleeping.




To My Readers,

The following is my response to the blog, Muddy Waters, sent to my by Randy Whynacht, the link is

It must be summer as dogs and children are in the news quite often.  Regrettably the news is not always happy news.  Where are the stories about the Lassies and the Littlest Hobos?  Too often it is about someone being injured, threats of euthanasia,  and somebody with a personal political agenda that is designed simply to make them feel important and not do any greater good.  Get off that soap box, it is my turn to grandstand a little. (more…)