that is the title of a deer old friend’s grade 13 english essay.  yes i spelled deer that way on purpose.  she was quite a handful and to this day do not really feel bad about kicking her ass in english.  being that her dad had a phd in literature she was pressured beyond belief to be the best.

me being better was hard for her to choke down.  so it is with that in mind that i have no clear and concise topic to blog about.  “pick me, pick me” rings true right now.  i could write about the dog we sampled this week, or the knives on my shelf waiting for approval to ship, or my son’s crazy sleep pattern, …

instead i think i shall blog about friends who have gone a different way.  incommunicado, almost off the grid.

well, as i raise my beer to toast those that have gone a different way i shall enjoy this fine chile con carne.  freshly made with ground pork, tomatoes and celery from the garden, ripe red peppers, mushrooms and some hot chiles.  here is to you and here from you soon.