A wonderful bar that it was, oh the sweet times. The hot ladies, the booze, the drugs I did not approve of…quite the mix.

Always packed, overrun with retards, post pubescent idiots, old jerks, the whole gambit.

As I attempt to set the stage for what is to come I have too many good memories to put down right now.

Only one that matters right now is about Frank. Now Frank, he has some scars but does not wear them for all to see. Hmm, the one on his eyebrow is a different story for another time. But either way, Frank is an enigma. (more…)


the same pinch and snap of the fingers and the tether comes undone

being the ass that i am, i gently coax the shirt from the back of the pants.

just a slow and teasing attempt to fluster and annoy.

as my hand goes oh so gently and caressingly up the spine, moans are to be heard.  slightly more firm than the spider walk i did in the other blog, feeling the flesh yield and squirm around.  like a cat purring but better, smelled better, tasted better (leave it alone randy) –a very subtle and gentle caressing kiss of the back of the neck.

ever so softly and gently i scratch and massage that under-utilized flesh that is covered by the straps the have many purposes.   for some it is posterity to have the perky breast in just the right configuration, others it’s about controlling those beautiful masses of sensuous flesh if for no other reason than to ease back pain. (more…)

there are a great many ways of dealing with a bra, brassiere, boulder holder, … the naming conventions never seem to end if you recall from your teen years.  remember that most boys have not even seen one that is not on their mom, or in the wash, whence they come up with these asinine names.

a wee lil background here, Bob was the owner of our fav pub and his sister (hot!!!!!!) was a staple food there.  few guys could ever get near her as she was well protected.  as i have said before, when necessary, i can and often do slip in under the radar.

with her sitting in the booth that i occupied at the time, she is quite flirty and has a great sense of humour.  as things usually do with a hot mom and some C2H5OH, conversation wraps its way around who would be better in bed.  my obvious answer is me. (more…)